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These are the New added 9 Services available in Huduma Centers in 2024, government announces.


Good news for Kenyans seeking efficient government services! The Huduma Centre network, renowned for its one-stop-shop approach, has unveiled a nationwide expansion of its offerings with the introduction of 9 brand-new services. This move promises to further streamline citizen support and enhance convenience for millions of Kenyans across the country.

“We are constantly striving to improve the delivery of government services to our citizens,” declared Ms. Janet Muthoni, Director-General of the State Department for Public Service and Digital Economy. “These 9 new services are carefully selected to address key needs and challenges faced by Kenyans in their daily lives.”

The newly introduced services cater to a diverse range of needs and cater to various demographics:


Issuance of birth and death certificates: Simplifying the process of obtaining these crucial documents.


Renewal of business licenses: Streamlining business operations and reducing bureaucratic hurdles.


Vehicle registration and transfer: Making car ownership and transactions more convenient.


Application for social security benefits: Providing easier access to vital support for vulnerable populations.


Land title registrations and transfers: Enhancing security and clarity in land ownership matters.


Criminal record certificates: Facilitating background checks and employment opportunities.


Passport applications and renewals: Simplifying international travel procedures.


Company name registration: Supporting the growth and formalization of businesses.


Access to government grants and loans: Enabling citizens to tap into financial resources for various needs.


“This is a significant step forward for Huduma Centres,” remarked Mr. John Mwangi, a frequent user of the services. “Having more services under one roof saves time, reduces stress, and makes it easier to get things done.”

The rollout of these new services is accompanied by ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and accessibility across the Huduma network. Investments in technology, staff training, and infrastructure upgrades are underway to ensure a seamless and positive experience for every citizen.

The expansion of Huduma Centre services is a welcome development for Kenyans seeking greater convenience and improved access to vital government support. By catering to a wider range of needs and prioritizing efficiency, Huduma Centres are solidifying their role as a cornerstone of citizen-centric governance in Kenya.

With this latest expansion, Huduma Centres demonstrate their commitment to evolving with the needs of the Kenyan people. As the network continues to grow and adapt, it holds the potential to revolutionize the way Kenyans interact with their government, paving the way for a more efficient, citizen-focused, and inclusive future.

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