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Ruto Opens the Books: Kenyans Get Live Access to Housing Levy Funds


In a move aimed at boosting transparency and accountability, President William Ruto has unveiled a groundbreaking system allowing Kenyans with a payslip to track the utilization of their Housing Fund contributions in real-time. During a ceremony at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, the President declared, “This is a defining moment for affordable housing in Kenya. No longer will Kenyans contribute blindly to a fund without knowing how their hard-earned money is being used.”

The new system, dubbed “Mfuko Wangu,” which translates to “My Housing Fund,” leverages cutting-edge technology to provide secure and easy access to personal Housing Fund statements. Through a dedicated online portal and mobile app, Kenyans can now view their contributions, track disbursements for specific housing projects, and even lodge inquiries or complaints directly.

“Mfuko Wangu empowers Kenyans to become active participants in shaping the future of affordable housing,” elaborated President Ruto. “This level of transparency will not only deter misuse of funds but also build trust and confidence in the government’s housing agenda.”

The Housing Fund, established under the 1.5% housing levy introduced in 2019, has accumulated billions of shillings. However, concerns around potential mismanagement and lack of clarity on its utilization have plagued the initiative. Mfuko Wangu directly addresses these concerns, putting the power of information directly in the hands of Kenyans.

“We are committed to delivering on our promise of affordable housing for all Kenyans,” emphasized the President. “Mfuko Wangu is a critical step in that direction, ensuring that every shilling contributed goes towards its intended purpose – building decent and affordable homes for our people.”

Housing stakeholders lauded the introduction of Mfuko Wangu, with industry experts believing it will be a game-changer. “This is a major win for transparency and accountability in the housing sector,” noted Ms. Jane Wanjiru, Director of the Kenya Institute of Planners. “By empowering Kenyans to monitor their contributions, Mfuko Wangu will not only prevent misuse but also encourage greater participation in the affordable housing program.”

While some skeptics remain cautious, expressing concerns about potential technical glitches or misuse of personal data, the overall sentiment surrounding Mfuko Wangu is one of cautious optimism. With real-time access and increased accountability, Kenyans can now actively engage in shaping their own housing futures, hopefully marking a new era of transparency and progress in Kenya’s quest for affordable homes for all.

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