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TSC plans to export surplus teachers abroad


The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is in talks with the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among other stakeholders to secure employment for tutors abroad. TSC Director Legal Calvin Anyuor has stated that Kenya has a surplus of teachers and securing an opportunity abroad for them will be a good move.


According to Anyuor, the TSC has started engaging key stakeholders to export the teaching resource because Kenya has more teachers than it needs. He said that the TSC is working with the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant government agencies to enable Kenyan teachers to go and teach English in Germany.


Anyuor added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to secure the market in various countries for the Kenyan teachers. He said that this will benefit both the teachers and the country, as it will create employment opportunities, generate foreign exchange and enhance the image of Kenya as a source of quality education.


He said that the TSC’s big role will be to ensure that the teachers coming out of various training colleges have the right quality of education to meet the standards of the international market. He said that the TSC will also ensure that the teachers are well prepared and equipped to adapt to the different cultures and environments of their host countries.


He said that the TSC is not lowering the quality of the teachers, but rather raising it to match the global expectations. He said that the TSC is also addressing the issue of low entry grades for teaching courses, which he said affects the quality and perception of the teaching profession.


He said that the TSC is also looking into other ways of improving the welfare and performance of the teachers, such as reducing system losses, increasing revenue collection, renegotiating power purchase agreements, and diversifying income streams.


He said that the TSC is also seeking to increase its customer base by connecting more households and businesses to the national grid, as well as offering alternative energy solutions such as solar and mini-grids.


He said that the TSC is optimistic that these initiatives will help the commission to turn around its financial situation and restore its profitability and sustainability.


Currently, over 400,000 teachers are employed by the TSC and the commission seeks to employ 46,000 teacher interns on permanent and pensionable terms by next year. The interns are almost completing their two-year contract programme.

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