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KEBS reverses decision on edible oil brands


KEBS reverses decision on edible oil brands


The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has lifted the suspension of 10 edible oil and cooking fat brands that it had earlier declared unfit for human consumption. The agency said it had verified that the manufacturers had rectified the quality issues that led to the non-compliance with the set standards.


KEBS had ordered the recall of the 10 brands on September 23, 2022, after sampling and analysing them from various retail outlets. The brands included Bahari Fry, Fresh Fri, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil, Fry Mate, Gold n Pure Olive Gold, Postman, Rina, Salit, Tilly and Top Fry.

The agency said the brands had failed to meet the requirements of the Standard Act and the respective product standard KS EAS 769: KS 2019 fortified edible and fats- specification. It said the suspension was to protect consumers from potentially unsafe products and to facilitate corrective actions by the manufacturers.


However, KEBS has now announced that it has lifted the suspension after conducting verification exercises at the premises of the manufacturers and confirming that they had complied with the relevant standards. It said it had also tested samples of the products from the market and found them to be satisfactory.


KEBS assured the public that the edible oils and fats in the market are safe and there is no cause for alarm. It said it will continue to monitor the quality of the products and take appropriate action against any non-compliant brands. It also urged consumers to report any substandard products to its toll-free number 1545.

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