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VIDEO: Bring your KDF and your Mercenaries to face my men one on one, Sudan Military General AGAIN dares Ruto!


Yasser Al Atta, the Sudan Military General has thrown diffusing & frightening words to President Ruto which many believes to have left the President in a dilemma on whether to fire back or surrender the dared challenge.

Al Atta have openly mocked the president saying , if he believe on his fighting muscles , he should not pick the East African Military troops but instead should send his own Kenyan Defence Forces to exchange bullets with his men, who according to him, his men are thirsty to ‘test’ their well functioning guns with flesh from the Kenyan Military and his mercenaries.

The Sudan Army General claims that, Ruto is not resolving the conflict as he should and instead , supporting the rebels through the East African Forces.

Here is the word by word translation from the Sudan ‘defiant’ general from Arabic:

Bring your Kenyan Army, go on, tell them[KDF] come! we are saying to you, the kenyan President and the country that finances you as well as the one financed the Rapid Support Forces and all the mercenaries, bring your Army. In God’s name, none of them will return back alive! We as the army have only one purpose, for the sun to rise in Sudan tomorrow without the Janjaweed [RSF]

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