Home News Man who killed ex-girlfriend gets 45 years in jail

Man who killed ex-girlfriend gets 45 years in jail


Man who killed ex-girlfriend gets 45 years in jail


Mustafa Idd, the man who brutally murdered his former girlfriend Emma Wanyota in 2019, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison by the High Court in Eldoret.


Justice Reuben Nyakundi delivered the sentence on November 27, 2023, after finding Idd guilty of the murder on October 28, 2023.


Idd, 31, was accused of killing Wanyota, 26, on September 30, 2019, at her parent’s home at Moi’s Bridge in Uasin Gishu County. Wanyota was a student at the Vera Beauty College in Eldoret.


According to the prosecution, Idd had been stalking and threatening Wanyota after she broke up with him in August 2019. He had also harassed and intimidated other male contacts in her phonebook.


On the fateful day, Idd sneaked into Wanyota’s house and attacked her. He raped her, chopped off her legs, and cut open her abdomen. He then dumped her mutilated body in a nappier grass farm next to her home.


Wanyota’s mother, Beatrice Wanyota, who was away at the time of the incident, found her daughter’s body the next day. She said she was devastated by the gruesome murder and pleaded with the court to punish Idd severely.


During the trial, Idd denied the charges and claimed that he was innocent. He said he was a victim of religious radicalisation and had reformed. His lawyer, Rioba Omboto, asked the court for leniency and mercy.


However, the judge dismissed his defence and said he was satisfied that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. He said Idd had acted with malice and premeditation and showed no remorse for his actions.


He also said Idd had violated Wanyota’s rights to life, dignity, and security. He said the murder was cruel, inhuman, and degrading and deserved a harsh penalty.


He sentenced Idd to 45 years in prison, with the option of appealing within 14 days. He said the sentence was meant to deter other potential offenders and to protect the society from such heinous crimes.


Wanyota’s family and friends welcomed the sentence and said it was a relief for them. They said they hoped that justice had been served and that Wanyota’s soul would rest in peace.

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