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Minister of Interior, Kindiki, and Chirchir, issues six directives to LPG Plants


The Ministry of Interior, through Cabinet Secretaries Kindiki and Chirchir, has issued six directives to all LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) plants in Kenya, prioritizing the demolition of all illegal sites and conducting a mandatory nationwide risk assessment. In a move aimed at enhancing safety and regulatory compliance within the LPG industry, the ministry has instructed all LPG plant operators to ensure strict adherence to the new directives. According to a statement from the Ministry of Interior, the directives are part of the government’s efforts to mitigate the potential risks associated with the LPG sector and to enforce compliance with the relevant regulations.


The directives issued by the Ministry of Interior include the mandatory demolition of all illegal LPG sites through the Multi-Agency Rapid Results Initiative. Additionally, LPG plant operators are required to conduct a comprehensive nationwide risk assessment to identify and address potential safety hazards and regulatory non-compliance. The ministry has emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety and adherence to regulatory standards within the LPG industry to safeguard the well-being of the public and the environment.


Cabinet Secretary Kindiki stated, “We are committed to ensuring that the LPG industry operates in a manner that prioritizes the safety of Kenyans and complies with the necessary regulations.” The directives issued by the ministry reflect the government’s determination to strengthen oversight and regulation of the LPG sector to prevent potential safety incidents and environmental risks. The ministry has urged all LPG plant operators to fully cooperate and comply with the new directives to avoid any potential enforcement actions.


The issuance of these directives underscores the government’s proactive approach to enhancing safety and regulatory compliance within the LPG industry. The Ministry of Interior’s emphasis on the demolition of illegal sites and the implementation of a nationwide risk assessment demonstrates a commitment to addressing potential safety and regulatory concerns within the sector. The directives are expected to have a significant impact on the operations of LPG plants across the country, as operators work to ensure full compliance with the new requirements.

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