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This is why the KSCE 2023 Students who Scored E are now in High demand, CS Machogu explains


Students who scored an “E” in the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams shouldn’t fret – they’re in high demand! In a dramatic shift of focus, the Kenyan government is actively seeking out these students, launching a nationwide campaign to enroll them in Vocational and Training Institutions (VTIs).

This unique initiative, dubbed “E is for Enroll,” marks a significant departure from the traditional emphasis on university education. Recognizing the diverse talents and aptitudes of students, the government aims to steer those who have not met the university entry threshold towards practical skills development and vocational careers.

“We understand that not everyone excels in academics,” declared Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu. “The ‘E is for Enroll’ campaign celebrates alternative pathways to success, ensuring that every student has an opportunity to acquire valuable skills and contribute meaningfully to the workforce.”

The campaign focuses on informing low KCSE scorers about the myriad options available within the VTI system. Skilled artisans, technicians, entrepreneurs, and other professionals – all crucial to Kenya’s development – are nurtured within these institutions.

“VTIs offer diverse courses in fields like agriculture, mechanics, hospitality, ICT, and many more,” elaborated Dr. Belio Kipsang, Principal Secretary for Basic Education. “These practical skills are highly sought after in the job market, opening doors to rewarding careers and entrepreneurial ventures.”

The government is pulling out all the stops to encourage enrollment. Information caravans are crisscrossing the country, visiting villages and communities to provide guidance and dispel misconceptions about VTIs. Additionally, financial assistance schemes are being established to ensure affordability for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

While some academics and parents remain wary of an approach perceived as devaluing traditional academic rigor, the “E is for Enroll” campaign has garnered praise from vocational training experts and job market stakeholders.

“This initiative acknowledges the immense potential within the VTI system,” remarked Ms. Jane Njeri, Director of the Kenya Institute of Management and Technology. “By equipping students with relevant skills, we can bridge the skills gap and drive economic growth.”

Whether “E is for Enroll” marks a groundbreaking shift in Kenya’s education landscape or a temporary measure remains to be seen. However, the campaign’s bold recognition of vocational pathways presents a compelling alternative for students navigating the often-narrow post-secondary education landscape. Ultimately, the success of this initiative will lie in its ability to provide meaningful opportunities and secure futures for those who, until now, may have felt excluded from the traditional success trajectory.

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