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Kenya Secures Ksh9.3 Billion Climate Change Loan from UK and African Development Bank


Kenya received a much-needed boost in its fight against climate change with the announcement of a Ksh9.3 billion loan from the United Kingdom and the African Development Bank (AfDB). This landmark partnership aims to support Kenya’s ambitious clean energy transition and climate resilience initiatives.

“This Ksh9.3 billion loan agreement demonstrates the UK’s unwavering commitment to supporting Kenya’s green growth agenda,” declared Jane Marriott, the UK’s High Commissioner to Kenya. “Through this collaboration with the AfDB, we will empower Kenya to build a climate-resilient future that benefits its people and the planet.”

The loan, part of the AfDB’s Room to Run Sovereign Program, will be channeled towards renewable energy projects, climate-smart agriculture initiatives, and capacity building for improved climate change management. This comes at a crucial time for Kenya, which faces severe droughts, floods, and other climate-driven challenges.

“This timely injection of funds will play a critical role in accelerating Kenya’s transition to clean energy and enhancing our resilience to climate shocks,” affirmed John Otieno, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum. “We are grateful for the partnership with the UK and the AfDB, and we remain committed to implementing sustainable solutions for a greener future.”

Experts lauded the loan as a significant step towards unlocking Kenya’s vast renewable energy potential, particularly in solar and geothermal power. The funds will also support climate-smart agricultural practices, promoting drought-resistant crops and sustainable land management techniques.

“This funding will not only support clean energy and climate-resilient agriculture, but also create green jobs and contribute to Kenya’s economic development,” emphasized Nnenna Nwabufo, AfDB Country Director for Kenya. “Our partnership with the UK underscores our shared commitment to supporting African countries in building a sustainable and climate-resilient future.”

However, challenges remain. Ensuring transparent use of the funds, maximizing their impact on the ground, and building long-term sustainability in implementing climate solutions will be crucial for success.

“This loan is a positive step, but it’s important to ensure effective project implementation and community engagement,” commented Mary Atieno, an environmental activist. “We need to see tangible results for Kenyans most affected by climate change.”

Despite the challenges, the Ksh9.3 billion loan represents a significant milestone in Kenya’s climate action journey. With continued international support, innovative solutions, and strong community engagement, Kenya can leverage this partnership to build a more resilient and sustainable future for its people and the planet.

As Kenya strives towards a greener tomorrow, the success of this collaboration will depend on its ability to translate financial resources into real-world change, demonstrating that climate action is not just a global responsibility, but an investment in a secure and prosperous future for all.

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