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Leaders Demand Arrest of Bloggers Attacking Them Online


Isiolo county leaders have demanded the arrest of bloggers who have been attacking them online, accusing them of spreading false and malicious information. The leaders, who include Governor Mohamed Kuti, Senator Fatuma Dullo, and Woman Representative Rehema Jaldesa, said the bloggers are being used by their political rivals to tarnish their reputation and undermine their development agenda.


Speaking at a press conference in Isiolo town on Wednesday, the leaders said they have reported the matter to the police and the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), and urged them to take swift action against the culprits. They said the bloggers have been posting defamatory and inciting content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, targeting them and their families.


The leaders said the bloggers have been peddling lies and propaganda, such as claiming that they have misappropriated public funds, engaged in corruption and nepotism, failed to deliver on their promises, and abandoned their constituents. They said the bloggers have also been insulting and abusing them, using vulgar and abusive language, and threatening them with violence.


The leaders said they have evidence to prove that the bloggers are being sponsored and directed by some of their political opponents, who are eyeing their seats in the 2024 general election. They said they have the names and identities of the bloggers and their financiers, and they are ready to present them to the relevant authorities.


The leaders said they respect the freedom of expression and the right to access information, but they will not tolerate anyone who uses the online space to malign and malign them. They said they are open to constructive criticism and feedback, but they will not allow anyone to spread falsehoods and hatred. They said they are committed to serving the people of Isiolo county with integrity and accountability, and they will not be distracted by the bloggers.


The leaders also appealed to the public to be vigilant and discerning, and not to fall prey to the bloggers’ agenda. They urged the public to verify any information they receive online, and to seek clarification from them or their offices before sharing or acting on it. They also asked the public to support them in their efforts to bring development and peace to Isiolo county.

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