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Stop Fighting Me, Magwaya Ndani Calls on Presenters and Radio Stations who are against his agenda! 


Stop fighting me.., ‘Halo Babu’ Tiktoker heavy weight fingers presenters and radio stations who are against his agenda!


November have been a month with full of dramas and controversy within the Mombasa showbiz.


One of the heads who were on the receiving ends was coast based prominent Tiktok Commedian Magwaya Ndani.

Where did all this kicked off? 

Well here is a glimpse of what could have been the root of all this online wrestling.


With evidence tabled by Magwaya, it’s very much convincing that he could be the real father of the idea of Zama Zao festival, which is expected to go down date 2nd December in Likoni.

However, as things stand, Magwaya is unlikely to make an appearance on that event after claiming to have been kicked out on the table of the event organisers with unclear reasons.


Magwaya have several times said it in public that some radio presenters including the ones from Kwale Based radio stations have been fighting him day and night even after ‘stealing’ his well thought Zama zao Event idea.


Now after his own ‘Gone Stars’ event failing to hit the expected bar,

Halo Babu genius have again not spared his enemies and instead warned them to take a rest on their war with him, calling them sycophants.


He later went on to thank all the fans, artists and other stakeholders who are side with him for attending his Gone stars festival which according to him, claims it was a big success, in contrary to what his enemies expected.

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