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YES! I am a member of freemasons and this is how i joined, Bongo Controversial Artist Ney Wa Mitego again declares!


Bongo Flava trending and controversial artist Ney wa Mitego ‘True Boy’ has once again stirred controversy by claiming that he joined the Freemasons. The artist, whose real name is Emmanuel Elibariki, first made the claim in 2018, but he has now doubled down on his statement.

Asked in a recent interview after releasing his controversial song ‘amkeni’ , on whether the speculations of being a member of the ‘cult’ , Ney answered saying he never had a dream to join Free Masons but instead was already born in it as a member, back in 1986. He however detached himself with the allegations that the luxury cars and houses are a result of him being a member. Says he is rich because of music and not from sacrifices or from the organization whatsoever.

Here is part of the interview after releasing his new song.

Ney Wa Mitego’s claim to be a Freemason has sparked debate and speculation on social media, with many questioning his motives and the authenticity of his statement. Some have accused the artist of seeking attention or using the organization’s reputation for his own gain, while others have defended his right to join any organization he chooses.

Ney, is being closely monitored by BASATA following the release of the ‘AMKENI’ track which seems to have irritated the government and caused online hot reactions, with others calling for his arrest while others calling him as the Hero!

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