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Dele Alli Checks Himself in A Rehab Center


Dele Alli Checks Himself in A Rehab Center

Coming from his stint in Turkey where he played for Fenerbahce, Dele Alli has opened up in a tv talk show ” _The Overlap_ ” aired on Sky news channel hosted by Gary Neville that he realized he was in a bad place mentally.


He opted to go to a modern day rehab center where they deal with addictions and trauma.



He said he was caught in a bad cycle and that he had made a bold decision to change his life for the better..


Dele Alli narrated the story of his life like he remembers when he was aged six,he got sexually molested.

At seven he started smoking. At eight he started selling drugs. At eleven he hung off a bridge by a guy from another estate. He got adopted by another family at twelve years. He then got addicted to sleeping pills. At age twenty four he contemplated retirement.


We thank God his club Everton is standing by him in every step that he’s going to take in his effort to return to fitness and overcoming his personal challenges highlighted in the interview.

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