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Africa Can’t do the proper treatment, Klopp Addresses Salah’s Injury Concerns Amidst AFCON


In a recent statement, Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp expressed his concern regarding Mohamed Salah’s fitness and emphasized the importance of the player’s well-being for both the club and Egypt. Klopp asserted that Liverpool and Egypt share the common goal of seeing Salah return to full fitness as swiftly as possible.

Klopp highlighted the potential challenges if Salah were to stay in Africa for treatment, stating, “If Salah stays in Africa and they can’t do the proper treatment, it will delay everything and it’s an issue.” The manager clarified that bringing Salah to Liverpool for medical treatment is not intended to distance him from Egypt but rather to ensure the best possible care for his recovery.


“All is agreed, it’s all very clear. If Salah is fit and then Egypt will reach the final of AFCON… he will be there,” Klopp affirmed. The manager sought to dispel any doubts about Salah’s commitment and loyalty, stating, “If somebody questions the loyalty of Mo Salah, so I’m sorry but he should ask himself if his loyalty is right.”


Closing his statement on a personal note, Klopp praised Salah, saying, “Mo is the most loyal Egyptian I’ve ever met in my life.” This sentiment reinforces the strong bond between Salah, Liverpool, and Egypt, highlighting the player’s dedication to both club and country. As the situation unfolds, football enthusiasts eagerly await Salah’s return to the pitch and hope for a swift recovery.

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