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Dramatic Rift: PAA Officials Abandon Kingi, Pledge Allegiance to Raila at Chungwa House


A political earthquake shook Kenya’s landscape today as national officials of the Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) party abruptly shut down their offices nationwide and converged at ODM headquarters, Chungwa House, in Nairobi. In a stunning display of political realignment, they surrendered all party assets to ODM leader Raila Odinga, citing “betrayal and lack of direction” under their current party leader, Speaker of the National Assembly Amason Kingi.

“We, the national officials of PAA, have come to a painful but necessary decision,” declared PAA Secretary-General David Sankok, his voice echoing through the packed hall at Chungwa House. “We can no longer remain in a party that prioritizes personal gain over the aspirations of its members and the Kenyan people.”

Sankok’s bold statement was met with cheers and applause from ODM supporters and PAA officials alike. The air crackled with a mixture of tension and anticipation as he elaborated on their grievances.

“Under the leadership of Speaker Kingi, PAA has strayed from its founding principles,” Sankok lamented. “Instead of championing the needs of the Coast region and advocating for inclusivity in national politics, the party has become a tool for personal ambition and political expediency.”

The PAA officials’ dramatic move stems from simmering discontent within the party, fueled by Kingi’s perceived coziness with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and the Kenya Kwanza administration. Many PAA members felt sidelined and betrayed by Kingi’s apparent shift away from his initial alliance with Raila Odinga during the 2022 elections.

“We built PAA alongside Baba Raila,” stated PAA Treasurer Gladys Wanga, her eyes filled with resolve. “We cannot in good conscience continue aligning ourselves with a leadership that has abandoned the ideals we fought for together.”

Raila Odinga, accepting the symbolic handover of PAA assets, welcomed the officials with open arms. “You have made a courageous decision,” he declared, his voice booming with enthusiasm. “ODM embraces your commitment to justice, equity, and a better future for Kenya.”

This unexpected political development throws the Kenyan political landscape into uncertainty. With PAA officials pledging allegiance to ODM, the opposition gains significant momentum and a potential boost in the Coastal region. Kingi, on the other hand, faces a major crisis of legitimacy within his own party, raising questions about PAA’s future and the potential realignment of political forces in Kenya.

As the dust settles from this dramatic political maneuver, one thing is clear: the Kenyan political landscape has shifted once again. Whether this marks a turning point for the opposition or a mere blip in the ever-evolving political scene remains to be seen. Regardless, the eyes of Kenya are firmly fixed on PAA and its next chapter, wondering what path it will choose to navigate the turbulent waters of Kenyan politics.

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