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Chief Justice Koome Slams Ruto’s Attacks, Warns of ‘Chaos and Anarchy’



Kenya’s judicial branch erupted in a salvo of condemnation this week, with Chief Justice Martha Koome delivering a stern rebuttal to President William Ruto’s recent criticisms of the judiciary. In a strongly worded memo to judges and judicial officers, Koome accused Ruto of “setting the country up for chaos and anarchy” with his public attacks on the courts.

“Threats to disobey court orders, intimidation of judicial officers, and the reckless and inflammatory pronouncements about the Judiciary are a direct assault on the rule of law, the bedrock of our nation,” declared Koome, her voice unwavering. “Such conduct undermines the very foundation of our democracy and paves the way for lawlessness and anarchy.”

The Chief Justice’s condemnation stemmed from Ruto’s public pronouncements against court orders that have halted some of his administration’s flagship projects. The President, frustrated by legal roadblocks, declared his intention to defy certain rulings, a move widely interpreted as a direct challenge to judicial independence.

Koome, however, refused to back down. In her memo, she reminded all government officials, including the President, of their obligation to uphold the rule of law and respect court decisions. “No one is above the law, regardless of their position or office,” she emphasized, drawing a clear line between the executive and judicial branches.

The Chief Justice’s stance resonated with many Kenyans, who saw it as a necessary defense of the judiciary’s autonomy. Public figures and civil society organizations lauded Koome’s courage and called for Ruto to respect the independence of the courts. “The President’s threats are an assault on democracy and cannot be tolerated,” stated Njeri Wa Njeri, a prominent human rights lawyer. “The Chief Justice has rightly sounded the alarm, and we must all stand together to protect the rule of law.”

However, Ruto’s supporters defended his position, arguing that the President was merely expressing his frustration with a judiciary they perceived as biased against his administration. They claimed that judicial activism was hindering the government’s ability to deliver on its promises to the people.

This clash between the executive and the judiciary has undoubtedly escalated political tensions in Kenya. The country now faces a crucial crossroads: will Ruto back down and respect the rule of law, or will he escalate his attacks, potentially plunging the nation into a deeper political quagmire?

Only time will tell how this conflict unfolds. But one thing is clear: Chief Justice Koome’s firm stand has drawn a line in the sand, reminding Kenyans of the vital role the judiciary plays in safeguarding their democracy and protecting them from the tyranny of the executive. As the nation observes how this drama unfolds, the fate of Kenya’s rule of law hangs in the balance.

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