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Fact-check on President William Ruto’s Claims in his New Year’s Speech


1. Expenditure Cut by Kshs. 400 billion

Ruto’s claim of a KShs. 400 billion cut is FALSE. National Treasury data contradicts showing an increase in total expenditure.


2. Enhanced Tax Revenues by Kshs. 600 billion

Ruto’s claim of a Sh600 billion increase is FALSE. Revenue collection by June 2023 was Ksh2.3 trillion which is below target by Ksh118.1 billion.


3. Sovereign Debt Space

While Kenya’s debt levels remain within the carrying capacity the debt service ratios exceed thresholds due to upcoming bond maturity and loan rollovers.

Ruto’s statement of a secure space regarding sovereign debt is UNPROVEN.


4. Inflation Reduced to 6.8% and GDP Growth at 5.4%

Inflation stood at 6.6% in December 2023 which supports the president’s claim. However, Kenya’s GDP growth ranking as the 29th fastest-growing economy is OVERSTATED as various reports place it differently.


5. 40% Increase in Food Production

Reports show that agricultural sector grew by 6.7% in Q3 2023 attributed to favorable weather conditions.


While there was notable growth in exports and GDP output, Ruto’s claim of a 40% increase in food production is UNPROVEN.

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