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Posta declares all senior managerial posts vacant


The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) has announced a major staff restructuring that will affect all senior manager positions at the State corporation. The move is aimed at reducing operational costs and improving efficiency amid declining revenues and increasing competition.


According to a memo dated December 6, 2023, and signed by PCK’s acting managing director, Mr. John Mwangi, all senior manager positions have been declared redundant with immediate effect. The affected employees will be given an opportunity to apply for the newly created positions that will be advertised internally first and then externally if no suitable candidates are found.


The memo stated that the restructuring was necessitated by the changing business environment and customer needs, as well as the need to align the corporation’s structure with its strategic plan and vision. The memo also assured the employees that the exercise will be conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and that the corporation will provide adequate support and counseling to the affected staff.


“All management positions, that is PCK/MG2 to PCK /MG4 were declared vacant immediately for any eligible applicants internally first,” said the corporation’s genaral and CEO, John Tonui in its latest corporate strategic annual review report. The corporation will also declare the positions of assistant managers and senior officers vacant next month, targeting to fill them up by March 2024.


The restructuring comes at a time when PCK is facing financial challenges and stiff competition from other courier service providers and digital platforms. The corporation has been struggling to pay salaries and pensions, as well as to maintain its infrastructure and equipment. In the 2019/2020 financial year, PCK reported a net loss of Ksh 1.2 billion, a 33% increase from the previous year.


The corporation has also been grappling with low customer satisfaction and trust, as well as a negative public perception. A recent survey by the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) ranked PCK as the least preferred postal and courier service provider in the country, with only 8% of the respondents choosing it over other options.


The restructuring is expected to improve PCK’s performance and competitiveness, as well as to enhance its service delivery and customer experience. The corporation hopes to leverage its extensive network of post offices, its postal code system, and its e-commerce platform to offer innovative and affordable solutions to its customers. The corporation also plans to diversify its revenue streams and explore new opportunities in the digital space.

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