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“..niliwaambia kitawaramba..” Police left scratching their heads as this happens in Shakahola despite main suspect being in custody! Is Mackenzie the wrong pick?


The body exhuming exercises have taken another twist with new findings which makes it even more complicated for the police to know the truth. This happens after the exhuming tally knocks 403 bodies but with new findings.

Despite the main accused suspect ‘pastor’ Mackenzie and his team being in custody for months now, Police however, the other day have claimed to exhume very ‘fresh’ buried bodies in Shakahola forest, despite the security measures heightened by Police 24 hours surveillance around the 800 acre Land.

Remember ,It was earlier widely suspected that, the bodies being exhumed were followers of the tagged cult leader’s church but now with the new findings, this one leaves more questions than answers on who might be behind the new tombs if the main accused cult suspect is in still behind bars.

With Journalists bared from entering the forests, the government, through the Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki have been left with egg on their face, with the public thirst for answers about the truth on whatever is happening in Shakahola.

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