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CASs position is good for gov’t because they will pay taxes – Elachi



The former Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, has defended the appointment of Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) by President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying that they will contribute to the government’s revenue through paying taxes. Elachi, who is now the Chief Administrative Secretary in the Public Service and Gender Ministry, said that the CASs are not a burden to the taxpayers, but rather an asset to the nation.


Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Elachi said that the CASs are professionals who have left their lucrative careers to serve the public, and that they deserve respect and recognition. She said that the CASs have a lot of responsibilities and duties, and that they are not mere assistants to the Cabinet Secretaries. She said that the CASs are involved in policy formulation, implementation, and coordination, as well as in overseeing various projects and programs in their respective ministries.


Elachi also dismissed the claims that the CASs are unconstitutional and illegal, saying that they are appointed in accordance with the law and the Constitution. She said that the CASs are part of the Executive, and that they are accountable to the President and the Parliament. She said that the CASs are vetted by the Public Service Commission, and that they take an oath of office before assuming their roles.


_What was said._

“If they get salaries, they will pay tax. In fact, we are creating more base for tax to go back to the government because they employ others. For me, it is not an issue of we have money or not,” the MP told the K24 television station.


“If you ask me, this turn of saying ‘we don’t have money’ is not right. I want a positive turn. Yes, we have a crisis but this is not the first time Kenya is finding itself in crisis. We cannot keep lamenting… God has blessed us.”

She added that, “In fairness of the country, of the delivery of service and ensuring that those ministries function in the right way, you need a deputy with a clear role… who will represent the CS in meetings when they are not around… who will follow through on all the other issues that are within the ministry,”




Elachi further argued that the CASs are necessary for the realization of the Big Four Agenda and the Vision 2030, which are the government’s flagship development initiatives. She said that the CASs are instrumental in ensuring the effective delivery of services and the achievement of the government’s goals and objectives. She said that the CASs are also key in enhancing the collaboration and cooperation between the national and county governments, as well as with other stakeholders.


Elachi urged the critics of the CASs to stop politicizing the issue and to focus on the development agenda of the country. She said that the CASs are not interested in power or positions, but in serving the people and the nation. She said that the CASs are loyal and committed to the President and his vision, and that they are ready to work with anyone who shares the same vision.


Elachi also thanked the President for appointing her as a CAS, and said that she is honored and humbled by the opportunity. She said that she will use her experience and skills to discharge her duties and to support the Public Service and Gender Ministry. She said that she will also work closely with the Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Margaret Kobia, and the Principal Secretary, Dr. Francis Owino, to ensure the success of the ministry.

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