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Top 10 of the best Android phones of the moment


We all want to have in our own hands the most powerful smartphone of the moment, but, in reality, that fortune can hardly be produced in the Spanish market. This is because the best Android phones are mostly distributed only and exclusively in China. So it is quite difficult to choose to enjoy one of them.

Platforms like AnTuTu are responsible for assessing the performance offered by all the launches in the sector and offer a very high degree of reliability. That is why we have decided to list the 10 Android phones with the greatest potential, although we have already told you that practically none can be achieved without importing. A practice that would drastically increase the final cost of the device.

The most powerful Android phones
It should be noted that most of the terminals present here boast the latest generation Qualcomm processor such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and that the first three belong to the family of gaming smartphones. This is completely logical, since they require above-average power to allow the enjoyment of an optimal gaming experience. However, the rest of the list is mostly made up of the Chinese brand Vivo and IQOO

1 – Black Shark 5 Pro

The champion of this classification is Xiaomi‘s old partner for its gaming mobiles. This company leads the list with its Black Shark 5 Pro thanks to enviable performance led by the aforementioned 4nm Snapdragon chip. In addition, it is accompanied by 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, as well as a long-lasting 4,650 mAh battery with 120W fast charge to return to action in just 15 minutes. Although it is true that it is a somewhat heavy phone with 220 grams, although it is usual in this class of devices.

2 – Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro

It is the heaviest smartphone on the list with 235 grams . However, the Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro has specifications that give it the privilege of occupying the second position. Again we find inside a CPU of the American brand with an Adreno 730 GPU graphics. This together with a maximum RAM of 18 GB and a capacity of up to 1 TB . So it is designed to install games without stopping. Like the previous case, it has a 120W fast charge to have your terminal ready in an instant.

3 – Lenovo Legion Y90

It is the last Android gaming device on the list and takes third place, but it is not less than the previous ones. In fact, it boasts a fascinating screen to play your favorite titles in absolute quality, as the AMOLED panel offers optimal qualities for viewing . First of all, it supports up to 1 billion colors and 144Hz refresh rate to witness immense fluidity when gaming and browsing the phone. It is compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10 + technology to enjoy an immersive experience anywhere thanks to its brightness of 1,300 nits. On the other hand, it boasts a huge 5,600 mAh battery that perceives tireless autonomy, but the highlight of this facet is its impressive 168W fast charge.

4 – Live X80

This Android smartphone from the Chinese firm is known for using the latest processor from the Chinese brand MediaTek, using a Dimensity 9000 model . This means that running applications at full speed is guaranteed. Likewise, its AMOLED screen is perfect for viewing content thanks also to the 120 Hz refresh rate. The good photographic results it achieves and its extensive autonomy of approximately one day are striking. All this together with a fast charge of 80W and wireless of 50W.

5 – IQOO 9

Another of the Asian companies in the industry, but unknown to many because it does not operate in the Spanish market. However, in China it is quite popular due to the potential that its terminals hide and the IQOO 9 is a perfect example. With the Snapdragon 888+ chip as the brain of operations, it allows you to play games at pristine quality with a rate of 120 Hz to increase fluidity. Triple camera with 48 MP main sensor, 12 MP telephoto lens and 13 MP ultra wide angle. A battery with again 120W that reaches 100% in 18 minutes.

6 – IQOO 9 Pro

It is quite curious that the Pro model of the IQOO 9 with Android is below the base version. Especially considering that it integrates a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU inside it, which, a priori, is much more powerful than its little brother. However, it is possible that for one reason or another you do not take advantage of all the performance that it hides inside. The rest of the features are similar except for certain improvements in the photographic section and no major changes are appreciated.

7 – Vivo X80 Pro

Once again we come across a top smartphone such as the Vivo X80 Pro, which is also below the original model. The peculiarity of this device is that there are two variants: one of them with the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 and another with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, being the first mobile to bet on two different processors . It comes with a quad rear camera that boasts detailed results and incorporates a battery identical to the other member of the line.

8 – Vivo X Note

The most striking thing about the Vivo X Note is the properties of its huge screen with 2K resolution , as it boasts one of the most recent AMOLED panels such as the E5 model. It allows a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits to see the screen in any light condition. As usual, inside the power is guaranteed by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with Adreno 660 GPU. The cameras are developed in association with Zeiss, that is, one of the most famous image industry brands. It is a heavy phone of 221 grams, honoring its 5,000 mAh battery that offers almost infinite duration.

9 – Vivo X80 Pro

We are facing the same case that occupies the seventh position, but in this case the chip inside is the MediaTek Dimensity 9000. This variant shares the rest of the specifications with its twin, so it is not necessary to mention anything else about it.

10 – Motorola Edge X30

This Motorola Edge X30 has been one of the first devices to boast the new Snapdragon CPU and the best thing is that it does not perceive a too high price, although it is only available in the US market. Some of the most interesting qualities of this smartphone are its huge 5,000 mAh battery and its POLED screen with 144 Hz, making it one of the affordable terminals with this refresh rate.

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