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The Revealed Next Move Of Raila Will Be Giving Ruto Sleepless Nights – Mitego Sasa



Regaremains upbeat and he his readyrding Ruto’s contentious win, Raila Odinga for anything.

The Azimio leader and his followers have noted some flaws that, in their opinion, will convince the Supreme Court to overturn Ruto’s triumph.

William Ruto, the next president, has received congratulations from numerous foreign leaders.

Ruto is figuring out how to start working and fulfill the commitments he made to Kenyans. Both sides are getting up for a furious argument.

William Ruto has been controversially picked by Wafula Chebukati to be the next president of Kenya, but the four commissioners have chosen not to accept responsibility for the choice.

Chebukati was accused of releasing his own findings.

Raila has been challenging Chebukati’s decision with compelling justifications. The truth will be revealed to Kenyans in the coming days.

Three fresh ideas from Raila have the potential to push Chebukati to start over.

Raila is worried about a number of things, including whether the four commissioners are hiding something and the fact that more than 140,000 voters, or 65% of the electorate, chose the president over governors, senators, and female representatives.


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