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Taking too much salt raises your blood pressure


According to a doctor, black people are more likely than white people to develop hypertension as a result of excessive salt consumption.

Dr. Irene Njeri, a consultant physician at Kiambu Level 5 Hospital, urged caution.

“Typically, 6g of salt (equivalent to a teaspoon) should be consumed per day. However, many people use more than that, which aggravates the patients’ condition “She stated.




However, when given medical advice, people tend to overreact.

“Sometimes, we advise patients to reduce their salt intake, and instead of toning down, they stop completely,” she explained.

“These people end up developing even worse complications and are sometimes brought back to the hospital in a coma.”

Diabetes is frequently associated with high blood pressure because the two share risk factors, she explained.




Hypertension is frequently associated with witchcraft, but according to Dr. Njeri, this is all in people’s heads.

“You’d find that those who believe the disease is caused by witchcraft have experienced some trauma, which has caused them stress,” she explained.





“Hypertension can be caused solely by stress. I also believe that more education on such diseases is needed to dispel such myths.”

She recommends that people get annual blood pressure checks so that they can begin treatment before complications arise.

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