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Socialite Amber Ray confirms break-up with Flamboyant business man



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Socialite Faith Mutua alias Amber Ray has confirmed her break up with her flamboyant lover Kennedy Rapudo.

The mother of one said that she decided to leave the relationship because things were not working between them.

She also said that she was tired of pretending that their relationship was working while it wasn’t, and went ahead to request her followers not to judge her on her actions but to appreciate her for who she is.

“Yes, we broke up with Kennedy because things were not working out between us. But let no one pass judgment on me. Just appreciate me for who I am,”  she wrote on Instagram.

Some may view me as a joker but if the relationship is not working, there is no need to force things but let it go.”

one of her followers wrote “It’s so unfortunate. They just got into a relationship some few weeks ago. Anyway, we expected that to happen.”

Amber Ray who usually shares her relationships on social media was dating  Somali businessman Jimal Mohammed before meeting Kennedy Rapudo.

She is never embarrassed to discuss her past,

“My past is something I will never feel ashamed of… “I agree that I have made so many terrible mistakes, violated so many laws, offended God in so many instances, and sought forgiveness,  I don’t know what the future holds in store for me, but I know the grass is greener on the other side.” she wrote.

Faith said that she loves her current state of life and hopes for better progress and good tidings in the coming years.

She said that in April this year, she worked as a waitress and was paid Ksh 13000 as her salary.

Amber Ray also added that coming from a disadvantaged family, she was always looking forward to treating herself with chips and fries as those were some of the things she used to crave.

Amber also stated that having money is very important because it gives you freedom and options even when you are heartbroken.


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