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RAILA now comes clean as he reveals exactly why his goons stoned RUTO in Kondele as he warns the DP to watch his mouth…


ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga has blamed Deputy President William Ruto for his stoning in Kondele, Kisumu County on Wednesday.

Speaking during an interview, Raila accused Ruto of angering Kondele youths who caused violence.

This comes even as Ruto accused the ODM leader of staging the youths to throw stones at his motorcade.

“The leader of ODM should stop using innocent youth to throw stones at other leaders because we have matured as a democracy,” he said, “if it is stone-throwing, let them (politicians) be on the frontline with their children.”

But according to Raila, he did not and has never incited young people in his turf to stone his perceived main rival William Ruto.

He noted Ruto might have uttered outrageous remarks.

“If you yourself utter a speech that makes the crowd angry, this may make some people react and take action in unsavory ways.”

“I however don’t see a problem here since we have come from a different level of democracy to another. Democracy is continuing to thrive in our country,” Raila Odinga said in an interview.

Raila warned Ruto and other politicians to watch their mouths and weigh what they say in public or else more violence is on the way.

Earlier on, Raila dismissed accusations that he sponsored the Kondele violence, arguing that he is too big to organize violence against someone as small as the former Eldoret North MP.

Ruto, on Wednesday, was forced to cut short his speech after his Nyanza tour turned chaotic and violent with angry youth from Kondele slum hurling stones at his motorcade.

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