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Necessary Noise rapper Nazizi Admitted in hospital



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Rapper Nazizi Hirji has been admitted to the hospital after experiencing severe allergy reactions.

The ‘Bless my room’ hitmaker through her Instagram page posted that she is not well and her face is swollen and affected even parts of her body.

She posted, “Pray for me, I have been sick in the hospital with a severe allergic reaction…my face looks like hell.

it’s depressing being sick so much hence the silence…B4 that I was already dealing with so much and was hoping for a better week but JAH knows better. Roots daughter soon.” 

Taking to her insta stories Nazizi further gave shared details of her condition, and how it was very severe, especially for the most part of this week.

“I’ve had one of the worst allergy attacks ever. Monday night I was in the ER (emergency room) for about 6 hours. Earlier this year I found out that I’m allergic to house dust mites, pollen, and grass. All environmental and hard to avoid in Africa…” she wrote

The mother further added that:

“So with the moving, I was exposed to a lot of dust and on Monday night I felt my tongue swelling, then my throat…these types of allergies can result in death, Adam (her husband) rushed me to the hospital and hours later I was back home against the Dr’s wishes. I thought I will be fine.

Tuesday morning I woke up with my whole face swollen and ended up back in hospital again. I’ve had so many injections. I feel super weak and I look like I’ve had botox. I’m just glad I’m alive.”



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