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‘Luo issa lifestyle!’ Inside Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend’s lavish apartment (Videos)



Kennedy Rapudo has lately been active on his Instagram page and truth is – we love it. I mean now that he is done with Amber Ray, guy has to remain relevant to the thousands of fans he attracted following his relationship with the socialite, right?

Anyway as seen on his recent IG stories, the fella takes his followers on a short house tour and from what I have seen…weuh…some people are living while the rest of y’all are surviving.

Forget Amber Ray’s home which we have all seen not forgetting her ex con wife’s, Amira’s home…okay, they all look amazing; but Rapudo is out here setting standards for bachelors with his lavish bachelors pad – which I am assuming is located in Kilimani that is judging from the amazing view from his living room.

Life is for the living

Well, as you’ve heard before….Luo is a lifestyle and clearly Rapudo is understood the assignment by the look of his lifestyle. Okay, I get it…guy has a good job at AMREF where he works as a researcher and maybe hustle here and there to maintain this lifestyle…cause d*mn his lifestyle ain’t cheap.

His videos however come a few days after he confirmed breakup with Amber Ray saying they parted ways following irreconcilable differences. And days later – Amber dropped a bomb by revealing she was pregnant for Jimal – weuh.

Anyway checkout videos of Rapudo’s home below.




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