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Kimilili Mp elect Didmus Baraza set to take plea on his murder case



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Kimilili Member Of Parliament Elect Didmus Baraza is set to take a plea on his murder case where he shot dead a bodyguard to one of his opponents on Tuesday 24th August ahead of the swearing-in for the second term.

Barasa who has been on police remand for the last fourteen days in Kisumu County committed an offense after he shot dead Brian Olunga, an aide to opponent Brian Khaemba on 9th August 2022.

He had been detained in Kisumu where he appeared in courts virtually where they allowed the police to hold him for two more weeks as they were preparing for more witnesses.

This also allowed the police to conduct the postmortem on the deceased and collect other relevant evidence for the case, while he was taken for a medical test after which the police said that was able to take a plea in Kakamega.

The postmortem results revealed that the deceased died of a pistol bullet that struck the right side of his head.

It also showed that Olunga died of profuse bleeding when the bullet got stuck in his head.

The bullet was recovered. The exercise was conducted by western region pathologist Dr. Dickson Muchana.

The Police were granted more time to complete their investigations and allowed more witnesses, including NYS and IEBC officials to record statements.

The pistol that was used to attack Brian Olunga has also been recovered from Barasa.

He has denied shooting the victim who was buried last Saturday  20th August 2022 in Samitsi, Malava, Kakamega County.

Mr. Tobias Olunga, Brian’s father, said proper action should be taken against Didmus Baraza, adding that his son’s life was taken while he was still very young.

“I am hoping the police will carry out a thorough job and present to the court a tight case that will bring the killer of my son to book. It pains me to see such a young soul go like that,” he said.






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