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How To Know If a Girl is Secretly Developing Feelings For You


1. She tries to find ways to spend some time with you, even when you’re in a group. She will drag you along for a long walk with the excuse of going to the ATM when her wallet really is loaded with cash. And, it’s only you she chooses every time to accompany her!

2. When the mouth is silent, body language speaks.

Her movements and gestures can tell you more than her words. For example, if she makes frequent eye contact with you or smiles at you, it shows that she is comfortable in your presence. These are surefire body language signs she is developing feelings for you.

3. She would try to impress you

A girl who has a crush on you would try to impress you with her qualities. She would subtly mention about her accomplishments and also try to excel at things you like. She would also be mindful of her appearance. All these could be her way of hinting her feelings for you.

4. She’s flirty over text

She may be shy in front of you, but when you text each other, she’s flirtatious. Not everyone does well in front of other people, but feel more relaxed when talking on the phone or texting. She could really like you, but she’s intimidated and frankly scared of getting hurt. This is why she’s so low-key around you

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