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Father arrested for allowing minor to drive along Mombasa



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Police in Athi River on Wednesday 24th August arrested a man for allowing his nine-year-old son to drive to school against the traffic law.

Traffic police officers manning traffic along Mombasa road Wednesday morning noticed a young man driving a saloon car in full school uniform while the front door was open, while his father was seated on the passenger’s side what another seven-year-old girl believed to be his daughter at the back seat but when he was flagged down, he accelerated towards Athi River Township.

The officer pursued the vehicle and impounded it before entering into a private school in Athi River where the two minor schools.

The man was arrested and taken to Athi River police station accompanied by the two minors before they were taken to school by police officers in a police vehicle.

The man told members of the press that his son is a fast driver and he has been driving for the last two years, He refuted claims that the minor endangered the lives of other motorists.

“I taught him how to drive. I had hired a car from a friend to run some errands today. I know it’s dangerous but it happened,”  he said.

Athi River police boss Mary Njoki said that “Allowing kids to drive puts the lives of other motorists at risk. It is also against traffic rules in the country,” 







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