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Comedian Nasra on what would make her leave husband & no it’s not cheating!



So comedian Nasra says she is ready to share her husband with co wives and if you ask me….this deal sounds too good to be true but again – her religion allows it, so why not?

Churchill Show comedienne, Nasra Yusuff

Anyway despite revealing this…the female comedian now says that her husband having a co wife will however come with a few conditions that is him taking care of his wives; and also having his relatives respect them too.

This is because most of the time you find relatives interfering with their ‘son’s’ marriage; for example – them attacking the wife who is yet to have kids or has infertility issues preventing her from having kids like the other wife/wives.

Tukubali men will always cheat, hao unaskia wa Aires wa baba wako in their 50’s and all they’re doing is cheating on their wives….what makes you think huyu wako wa 20 something na 30 something ndio Hata heat?

Divorce and leave

According to Nasra having relatives interfere,insult or mock her is the only reason she would walk out of her marriage; otherwise – she’s ready to have her husband Rashid look for other wives.

Meet Nasra Yusuf’s handsome husband, Director Rashid

if it gets toxic because of in laws trying to put you down by comparing you to the other wives who can conceive, please pack and leave.

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