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Babu Owino Admits His 0.01% Calculation Was Wrong – Mitego Sasa



Embakasi East member of Parliament, Babu Owino, who is known to be a diehard supporter of former prime minister Raila Odinga has admitted that his mathematical explanation concerning 0.01% votes was totally wrong and misleading.

However, he has revealed that he was not the one who was in charge of the account when that explanation was posted.

According to him, it’s one of his administrator who was in charge of the account.

He further revealed that the administrator concerned has been shown doors out of the work after embarrassing him (Babu Owino) and his Azimio team.

Babu Owino is known to be a learned guy and was not expected to fall into wrong mathematics from IEBC Vice Chairperson, Madam Juliana Cherera, who had announced that 0.01% of 14,200,000 is equivalent to 142,000. Reality, it’s supposed to be 14,200.

0.01% is a normal mathematics error due to rounding off and truncation if real figures. Mathematically it’s accepted.


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