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Amira reacting to Amber Ray’s confession about getting pregnant for Jimal? Says lesson learnt



Amber Ray recently dropped a bomb on us through her YT channel and for a minute we weren’t sure whether what we were hearing from her was real or from a movie. Yea – just like you heard, she got pregnant for Jimal but unfortunately didn’t carry the pregnancy to full term.

Tbt: Amber Ray admitted to hospital

Okay wait. Is it just me or is Amber Ray implying that…..either way not our business, right? With the bomb out for like 2 days now – Jimal Rohosafi’s first wife Amira has also decided to weigh in on the news and looks like her heart got broken again.


I hate to say I told you so but judging from Amira’s latest post- I belive she still had hopes about reuniting with hubby in future; but at the mean time was either playing hard to get or punishing him for what he did until Amber Ray decided to let the truth slip out.

Done and done

As seen on Amira’s Instagram, the mother of two threw shade at her ex man claiming that he is no longer her type. Not quite sure why she decided to react like this way just days after Amber’s video went viral but one thing is for sure….she didn’t see this coming.

She captioned the post below;

Her ex dont be her type anymore

Well, this doesn’t make any sense since we all thought Amira had moved on with a new man but with her revisiting Jimal’s mistakes; makes me wonder whether she’s fooling herself by claiming she is over him or it’s about clout?

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