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5 disgusting things people do in Nairobi’s night clubs


Thousands of Nairobians flock to entertainment joints in the city every day to have fun.

The majority of nightclubs and entertainment joints are in the city center but others are established in city estates.

Visiting Nairobi especially on weekends, public holidays and at night, you will meet hundreds of revelers at various pubs and entertainment joints having a good time.

However,  there are things some people do in nightclubs that are annoying.

Here are four things people do in nightclubs that annoy others.

1. Filming

Some people go to nightclubs to film what others are doing.

In many cases you see these people filming and taking pictures using their phones and which they later share on social media causing embarrassment to others.

It is important for people to mind their business and others privacy once they are in nightclubs.

2. Pickpocketing 

Some people go to nightclubs and entrainment joints with the purpose of stealing from unsuspecting people.

Such people take advantage of the large crowds in nightclubs to pick-pocket others of their money and phones.

3. Dragging 

Some people go to nightclubs with the aim of drugging and robbing inspecting people.

These people use certain deadly substances to drug their victims before robbing them.

Many cases of drugging and theft have been reported in many nightclubs in the city.

4. Vomiting 

Some people in nightclubs take huge amounts of alcohol and end up vomiting everywhere causing discomfort to others.

People should take little alcohol and control their drinking to avoid causing embarrassment and discomfort to others.

5. Shouting/causing a nuisance 

Some people take a lot of alcohol in clubs and when they are high they turn to be a nuisance to others.

In many cases, you will see these types of people shouting at their top voices and using vulgar language and words.

It is good for people to respect others privacy and treat them with dignity when in public places.

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